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Texas Gold & Silver Group

 Estate Buyers & Dealers of  Fine Jewelry, Watches, Coins, Precious Metals, and Diamonds.
Gold jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, class rings, dental gold, scrap gold, gold bars, gold coins etc. We buy anything gold in any condition or purity; whether visibly marked (10k, 14k,18k, 22k, 24k, 417, 585, 750, 917) or unmarked.

Silver - We buy silver items such as silver jewelry, platters, flatware, tea sets. Anything silver marked as sterling, ster, str, 925, 800.

Platinum - We buy any platinum. Platinum is usually marked platinum, plat, pt, 950pt, 900pt or 850pt.

Silver Coins - We buy any silver coins dated 1964 and earlier.

If you are unable to identify your gold pieces, don’t worry we can. Our experts will assess your items with specialized equipment to analyze your precious metals.

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We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum & Diamonds in any Condition!

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